Domaine du Pas Saint-Georges

Bordeaux Rouge


The Domaine du Pas-Saint-Georges, which dominates the valley of the Garonne, has one of the most beautiful panoramas in the Bordeaux area. The view stretches across the Landes region as far as the Pyrenees which local people say they can actually see when the weather is right. This 18-hectare property has been reconstituted on hills overlooking the Pas Saint-Georges, a spot which not so long ago was defended by a fortified tower, and where the road becomes squeezed between the Garonne river and the heights where the Entre-deux-Mers region begins. On slopes exposed to the south and south-west, this 12-hectare vineyard benefits from an exceptionally sunny situation, a soil composed to a large extent of gravel, where the estate’s ancient name "Gravérons" comes from and which was for a long time quarried for graval on its northern slopes. This vineyard is planted with traditional grape-varieties: Merlot and Cabernet for the reds; Sémillon, Muscadelle and Sauvignon for the whites. The owner of Pas-Saint-Georges also manages the Château Mont-Joye vineyard in the Sauternes appellation, commune of Barsac. After the pressings have been carefully selected, the red wine (A.O.C. Bordeaux), as well as the Sauternes, is stored in new oak barrels for two Winters before bottling. Contrary to popular opinion, only oak in its new state can, due to its tannins, ensure that the wines keep perfectly, and at the same time it bestows on them a very special, choice aroma. For the dry white wines, on the other hand, short storage-time in stainless-steel tanks with bottling carried out the following spring; this technique preserves in the dry white wine all its aroma and fruity qualities. It must be served at a temperature of about 15°.